Chapter 6, The Ugly Gene is Back!

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-19-13-00-68Welcome back to the legacy family striving to get ugly in 10 generations!  Sure, we have a few other goals as well, such as surviving glitches, taking over the Blue Water District, meeting the well dressed handicap, keeping our noble composure handicap, allowing our ghosts to roam free, keeping our legacy tree alive, and storytelling, both the handicap and for real life too!  This family will be anything but bored.  So lets recap a little.

sims2ep9-2016-12-02-22-41-48-90When we last left the Uglacies, they had welcomed the third generation, Tiffany to the family.  Tiffany is named for Chucky’s Bride.  Sadly, Tiffany did not inherit the cool zombie skin, but she is definitely an Uglacy.  The personalities have started.  She has 10 neat, 3 outgoing, 9 active, 9 playful, and 1 nice.  Yes… one nice point.

Image result for grinch

They’re baaackkk…

sims2ep9-2016-12-02-23-01-38-35Meanwhile, Angel and Quinomei sit around playing chess and generally being useless, like you would expect retired education ministers to do.

sims2ep9-2016-12-02-23-26-51-05Angel does like being a grandmother tho, it’s that family sim thing.  She never leaves poor Tiffany alone.  She stands over her crib when she sleeps.  Creepy.

sims2ep9-2016-12-02-23-43-40-42Quinomei tried to pass on his business perks to Wendy.

“So it’s all about money, you have to make them pay for items.  The razzle dazzle works best…but it will take me a month of non-stop lecturing to teach it.”

I hate trying to pass business perks, it takes like a year of yackity yack.  Like my sims, I don’t have the attention span, so this did not happen.  But  I tried… for 10 seconds.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-11-39-19-84And Jihoon, well I’m not sure he’s feeling the Christmas spirit or his new family.  In his defense, I did dress him in plaid.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-13-27-18-96But he has some unhealthy feeling towards his mother in law.

“I don’t know what she sees in Quinton.  He’s such a loser.  She deserved better.  I want to play with her, talk to her… hang out. Give her a backrub.”

Yeah, that’s not creepy at all.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-13-27-47-15“Hey Mrs. Uglacy, let me give you a hug…”

freewill… 0___O

“Hey Jihoon, I’m your father in law… standing right here… hello, hello?”

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-13-31-43-37“Here, let me rub those knots out.”

“Wow, Baboon, that’s so thoughtful.”

“Jihoon, my name is Jihoon.”

Those lips say otherwise.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-12-11-38-87In other news, we finished the death memorial pictures…

Oh the tree?  We decided to combine a fireplace with a tree this year, saves room.  It’s very toasty.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-18-39-31-06So Jihoon invests in a business, Christmas trees!  And stuff.  The Uglacy Christmas Lot is officially open and operational.  Wreaths, light up reindeers, gingerbread houses, and a wide variety of useless Christmas crap that this sims will carry around in their inventory forever to use one time a year.  Sound familiar?  But I love Christmas Crap!  So this should be fun.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-13-59-44-25Our first customer, Gage Uglacy!  Nice matching stalking raincoats boys.  Plan to do a little flashing later?

“Hello Gage, such an honor. What are you looking for?”

“A sim self in a hot Santa outfit…”

“Er, we don’t exactly carry those.  What about a nutcracker?”

“You’re kidding me, right, kid?”

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-14-01-20-05Of course my sim self makes an appearance and admires Wendy.  Who wouldn’t.  She’s the all star with skill points, several badges, and appears to actually be an intelligent sim.  Unfortunately if history repeats itself,  inbreeding with ugly townies is probably going to change this story line fairly fast.  And then my family will be lucky to sell peanuts to an elephant.


Are you kidding me?  Yea, let’s throw away a business so Quinten can be a Parking Lot Attendant.  What a dream job!  And it’s not an entry job? So what is?  Dog poop picker upper?

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-12-08-23-05Like father, like daughter.  Yea, no one bring the baby in, it’s not like it’s winter or anything.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-19-13-00-68Fortunately, Tiffany survives, and we miss the whole birthday party thing… because I didn’t notice. Anyway, she reminds me of someone… I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Let me think…  Looks through old albums…

SAMARA!!!  Muhahaha… oh the gene really is back.  Happy times!

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-19-20-27-26Third Christmas tree and counting…

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-21-44-26-21We still have all the lovely dogs… “FOLLY!  How many times do I have to tell you not to destroy the flowers.  Geesh, fill up that bar already!  You’re 100 years old.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-21-45-54-70And Angel teaches Tiffany how to walk, talk, potty, and sing a nursery rhyme her first day as a toddler… GO Angel, you rule!  Smart milk might have helped a little…

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-22-06-03-38“Jihoon, I think we should expand our family… maybe we could have an ugly zombie baby.  I just wish that sim self, Nichola, would stop staring at us in the car.”

“Well if it’s a show she wants…”

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-22-09-21-35Nothing makes a sim self run off your lot faster than baby making.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-22-15-53-44“Oh these flowers are trash!”

Actually baby making was dream date 50, completing Wendy’s lifetime want.  It’s all platinum plumbobs from here.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-22-10-24-35Grrr.  You are a disgrace to Hoover.

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-22-28-56-61“I want to sing another evil nursery rhyme, Grandma…”

“Silly Tiffany… there’s no such thing as evil nursery rhymes…  Lets sing 3 blind mice again.  You seem to like the part where they get their tails cut off by the farmer’s wife.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-22-35-50-66“Folly, you’re old as the hills now.  I just want to let you know… it’s okay to go towards the light. No really, it is.  Anytime… anytime at all.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-22-48-37-58“Oh no, I think I’m pregnant…”

And possibly impaled through the door.  Yea, pregnancy may be the least of your problems.


That’s what you get Circe, for stealing our invisible paper and your bad choice of a cow neck sweater.

sims2ep9-2016-12-09-12-13-51-33“I need to lecture you, Wendy, you are dirtying up all the toilets in the house and we can’t have that.  What are you doing…”

“I’m sizing up your casket, dad.  You don’t lecture pregnant women without dire consequences.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-09-12-16-10-49Another real example of my really bad sim playing…after wondering why the option to never breed Peppy and Buffy came up, I finally realized the problem.

“Yes, random townie woman, how would you like to adopt our dog, Buffy.  You see, someone adopted her to breed with our Uglacy lineage, but didn’t realize she was an elder… yea, not gonna work.  So would you be kind enough to give her a home?  She should die any day now.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-09-12-20-02-32Speaking of dying, Folly’s time had finally come… but prepare for some of the worse Grim Reaper pics ever.  Turn away… turn away.

sims2ep9-2016-12-09-12-20-40-91“Er, I’m here to collect your dog… are you really going to jump in the bathtub right this minute. Maybe you want a minute to say your final goodbyes?”

“No, I’m good.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-09-12-21-13-20“How about a picture… for Facebook?  Good dog, Folly, be with you a minute.  Got to snap a picture of this.  No one is going to believe this family.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-09-12-21-54-96“You sure are hanging around a long time, Mr. Reaper.  Are you glitched?”

sims2ep9-2016-12-09-12-23-56-36Dear Lord, is he beating her with a stick in the bathtub?!  What is this? Shades of Gray, Reaper Style?!

sims2ep9-2016-12-09-12-25-18-06What a disturbing and somewhat satisfied expression.  You do realize your dog just died?

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-21-51-40-12New dog!!!  Angel goes to the pet store and gets a younger version of Buffy, who we name Teddie.  After my dog.  Except my dog is actually a boy… so it’s not exactly the same.  Minus a few parts.

She is a hyperactive, playful, finicky genius… which is exactly like my Teddy.  *Sob*.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-21-55-33-54Meanwhile, Jihoon gets promoted almost daily and is up to Guest Lecturer.

“Woohoo, whose the man?!  I put the teach in teaching!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-22-13-32-28“Er, what’s this?  Another dog?  Did we really need one?”

Yes… yes we did… because this handicap is SOOOOO much fun.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-22-03-30-75While in the bathroom… (Where all good sims go to die)

“OH for the love of boolprop, I can’t get away, I’m trapped!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-22-04-01-67“There, there Quinton Uglacy.  You are actually about to be free, you’ve been trapped in this mess of a legacy. Drink my magical pina colada, and join us for a free, non-ending vacation of platinum bliss.  Drinks and condiments are not included… tour packages are extra.”

And so Quinton (aka Quinomei) passes on at 72 years old, leaving his business to Wendy, but taking all his business perks with him.  That made me cry the most.  He was fun though, and his Komei ways shall be missed.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-22-41-24-46Angel never cried, but she did start downing “juice” immediately after the death.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-03-18-28Death aside, it’s time for birthdays and mayhem.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-06-39-45The Uglacies were in attendance.

Nose:  “Wow, she is one creepy looking kid.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-07-37-51“Hey Nosferatu, how has everything been?”

“I’m living it up, sis, in an apartment downtown with my cheer leading girlfriend and my dog Moody.  Good times for a vampire.  Can’t stay for the party, I’m burning up.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-10-09-85Everyone looks a bit bored with the party, except Don of course.  Who can blame them, seen one toddler party, you’ve seen them all.

“Yay, go sweetie!!!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-11-28-69I don’t know if I would get that glowing kid too close to the flames…could be catastrophic.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-12-21-20“Yay, grow up ugly!”

“Is she actually yelling at my kid to grow up ugly?”

“Yea, that’s how she is.  I always knew legacy players were twisted, but she’s really on the crazy train.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-13-54-94Survey says…sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-14-27-43We have an Uglacy.  Repeat… We have an Uglacy.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-16-45-04“You shouldn’t even be here, you traitor!  You don’t deserve to be at this party!”

“Arrgh, Gage, get him off me.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-18-33-62“I’m stepping back out” (and he actually did) “What’s wrong with these people?  Do they think I want to attend toddler parties and break up fights.  I’m a lover, not a referee.  Is that a  sim self coming up the sidewalk?”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-15-24-85“Take her down Grandpa Don!  She’s a backstabber!”

“Yea, Don, she forgot I’m her grandaughter.  Beat her into tomorrow!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-20-02-20“Sorry I had to do that Don, but I have body points too.  I hope you’re happy, scarring our great, great granddaughter at her birthday party.  Poor kid will needs years of therapy for this one!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-20-31-74“Wow, Can you guys do it again!”

Okay, maybe not.  She is an Uglacy after all.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-28-27-58She does have issues with dogs on the beds however.

“Oh my gosh, he might have fleas, or ticks, or something…Ewww gross.”

It’s those 10 neat points.  Poor little freak.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-41-34-68“Dad, she kicked the tar out of Don.  But sometimes he kicks the tar out of her.  Meanwhile the party score plummets. We can’t keep having snooze parties, we have a reputation to uphold.”

“Yea, son, I get you.  Simselves are drawn to our roof raising parties.  We can’t keep having snooze fests, even if this is a toddler party.  I’m going to have to fix this.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-32-05-13Meanwhile, upstairs, Don keeps slapping me, while zip elbows me in the head.  Now they are tag teaming me.   Seriously guys, enough is enough.

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-33-21-06In a pathetic attempt to save the day, Wendy runs around singing Go Gerbits to all her guests in free will mode.  It doesn’t help the situation.

“GGGoooooooo Gerbits.”

“Geesh, Wendy, I heard that song enough in college.  It sucked then and it sucks now.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-10-23-44-28-17Jihoon ask both of us to join him in the hot tub to get us to stop fighting, and tries to remind us that once we were best friends.  It at least gets the party score up to Good, but Don and I are a long way from friends now.

sims2ep9-2016-12-11-00-02-18-99Busting moves may have been a bit too much for Wendy…

“Arrrgh, I think I busted something else, like my water!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-11-00-03-02-74Yay!  A baby zombie boy!

Meet Shaun, for Shaun of the Dead.

sims2ep9-2016-12-11-00-09-07-57“Good job, honey!”

“Er, thanks.”

And that is where I shall leave it.  Will Shaun be an ugly zombie baby and take the heirship from his sister Tiffany?  Will Don and I ever reconcile?  Will Tiffany grow up to look just like Samara?  Will the Grim Reaper post naked bath pictures of Angel on the internet?  So many questions… only to be answered in the next installment.  Until then, happy simming!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 6, The Ugly Gene is Back!

  1. I am so happy to see you’re back and writing again! I have loved your stories since the very beginning, and I love the Uglacies as if they were my own dysfunctional sim family. Thanks for firing up a renewed love for the sims 2 in me!!


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