Chapter 7, Uglacy Christmas Special

sims2ep9-2016-12-16-19-14-39-46When we last left the Uglacy family, Wendy had just given birth to Shaun.  Welcome back to the Uglacy family, the family striving to get as ugly as possible by generation 10.  We are playing by the legacy rules by Pinstar.  If you haven’t read the other chapters, you might want to, or just jump right into this Christmas Special if you’re in the holiday spirit.

sims2ep9-2016-12-16-19-24-24-75Tiffany, the firstborn, had finally hit childhood, and reminds me a great deal of her great,great grandmother Samara.  She has one nice point.  Oh the Uglacies I know and love.

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-36-45-37“OW geesh, Tiffany, my eye!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-37-21-79“Oops, sorry Grandpa Don. I didn’t mean to…heh, heh, heh.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-39-11-94“Why that little…”

Now, now Don… let’s be honest.  Tiffany is your favorite grandchild yet.

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-44-07-72He spends hours watching her show off.  At first I thought she was glitching or something, and then I remembered… CARTWHEELS!

“Yay, am I not fantastic grandpa!”

“That was the most amazing cartwheel yet.  Do it again!  Picture taker take more pictures!”

Yeah, I think I’ll pass.  *Yawn*

sims2ep9-2016-12-16-19-50-43-99Meanwhile, down at the Uglacy Christmas Tree Lot, the decorations and trees are selling like hot cakes and the business is up to a level 8.  Manning the stocking is no other than simself Lil White Comet, who write A Sparrow Legacy over at, when she isn’t stocking of course.

sims2ep9-2016-12-16-19-52-46-65It’s a happening, popular lot, Don even makes appearances.

“Er, Samara wants a black Christmas tree, Wendy.”

“Yea, that’s not really in demand Grandpa Don.  Sorry.  How about a creepy Christmas gnome?”

sims2ep9-2016-12-16-20-14-05-57To add fun to the lot, the Uglacies had a small ice skating rink built…

“UGH!  Jihoon, what the heck, I have 10 body points!  You have like two!”

“I have 3, I’ll have you know.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-22-43-10-59Obligatory boring baby picture of Shaun.  He pees, he poops, he cries, he sleeps.  You know the drill.

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-10-16-06“Hey little girl… I’ve noticed your intense interest in painting, and I’ve just walked in your house and brought you a gift…”

Yeah, that’s not creepy at all, EA.

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-54-37-45Oh but how 3 days pass so quickly, and it is time for Shaun’s birthday.  This time at night, so Nose could attend his nephew’s toddlerfication.  All was going according to plan, and then…

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-55-39-55Remember the banned 4 Life pictures we use to share on the exchange… er, well…this one could qualify.  What the hell is Cleo doing to Gage Jr?!

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-55-20-00“I don’t understand why I have to invite these freaks to my kid’s birthday party?!”

“Because we are related, dear.  I’m sure that picture is perfectly innocent.”

Yeah, right.  *cough, cough*

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-56-31-12And Shaun is apparently bringing in the New Years.  Cool it kid, we haven’t had Christmas yet.

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-00-06-29-44I don’t know if he’s ugly enough, but he certainly impressed me with his wardrobe selection.  He looks a lot like Don.  What is this generation?  Throw back Tuesday?

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-00-01-07-19“Well there was that little incident at school, Grandma Samara.  I mean how was I supposed to know that Marsha Bruening was too clumsy to hang on to the top of the monkey bars while I stomped on her hands.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-00-05-13-89“Oh my little prodigy. You bring a tear to grandma’s eye.  I have so much to teach you.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-00-17-11-78“Can I open a present yet?”


“Can I open one now?”


“How about now?!”


sims2ep9-2016-12-18-00-19-16-03“Jihoon!  Can you move your curtain clad butt out of the way?  I’ve got fifty bucks riding on this game!”

“Hey sis, that looks like more than fifty bucks in that thought bubble.”

“SHUT up Zip.  It’s in ones… okay?!”

“Yea right, and I’m drinking juice…”

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-11-43-40-39The next morning…

“OH my, I must have ate too much cake.”

Wendy gets so surprised by her baby bump, she actually leaves her skill bubble behind.  Now that baby number three is on the way, that means…

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-12-35-45-71“Okay boy, you’re getting older.  So you and Teddy girl need to start on the next generation.  We’ve got a pet lineage to keep up here.  Go try for puppies…”

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-12-37-05-71“OH my my, dogs doing the dirty… yes, yes… Let me take some pictures with my cell phone.  Better yet, I’ll video it and upload it to Facebook.”

“Creepy townies.”

I agree, Wendy, I agree…the weirdo stood there watching and clapping the whole time.  0___0

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-11-37-21-71“Nobody loves me.  They are all too busy skilling and badging, I’ve been in my crib forever.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-11-38-42-42“Now, now, Shaun.  That’s not true, grandma spoils the heck out of you.  Whose your favorite person ever?”

“You, gramma!”

“Now grandma is going to get you a smart bottle just as soon as I…”


OH great Grimmy,  scar that toddler forever!  Way to drop a little baby’s aspiration points.  Could you time it any better?!

“Hey, I’m just doing my job here.  Sorry kid.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-11-47-28-06“Sorry to inform you Angel Uglacy, but your babysitting gig is over, permanently.  On the bright side, you get the platinum package with all the free Pina Coladas you can drink.”

“Waaah, grandma.”

Rates as worse, cruelest death of my sims ever.  I mean poor Shaun.


And so Angel Uglacy finally passed away at 82 years old.  She lived a full life, achieved her lifetime want to be an Education Minister, but it sucks when you lose the founder.

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-11-55-43-71She was buried alongside Quinomei under the Apple Legacy tree where soon these ghosts reeking havoc on the family and glitching up my lot in no time.

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-12-08-36-06The grief for this family was terrible, mainly because Angel was an excellent mom and grandmother and everyone actually liked her.  Shaun probably took it the hardest, likely cause she died right in front of him.

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-12-09-13-49“I’m not growing up well, am I?”

Er, maybe not.  This poor kid’s aspirations were tanking like the Titanic.

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-11-53-56-89“Waaah, she was the best mother in law ever!  This is so unfair, right before Christmas.”

Jihoon had an especially close relationship with Angel… that bordered disturbing… like how he always wanted to massage his mother in laws back.

“Well she worked so hard.  What’s wrong with that?”

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-11-54-30-03And Peppy is not so peppy.

He howls, and howls, and howls.  Look at those sad eyes.  I can’t even make a joke with that.  It’s all so pathetic right now.

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-12-52-13-97There was only one thing to do.  That’s right, you know what those cookies mean.

sims2ep9-2016-12-19-23-38-28-73Meanwhile, over at Don’s…

“I don’t know about this party, Gage.  I mean I can’t even stand to be in the same room as her.”

“Hey, we’re having it at my house.  All you have to do is make the chili.  It’ll be better at my pad, much as this house has the whole haunted house theme going with those ugly tapestries.  Simselves prefer bubble blowers, bars, and hot tubs.  I have just the place.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-19-23-36-29-88“Listen, it will be a good time.  If anyone knows how to have a good time, it’s me.  Just bring the chili mix and we are going to have an Uglacy roof raiser.”

“I guess.  But don’t expect me to forgive her, Gage.  It’s not happening.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-19-23-37-47-14“Of course not, Don. Just a party.  Lots of chili and mingling.  No hidden agendas here.  Not to mention the simself ladies…”

“Alright Gage, fine. I’ll be there.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-12-37-09-05“So he’s coming.”

“Gage!  Seriously!  Do you mind?!”

“No, I don’t mind.  Oh?  Did you want me to leave?”

“It’s times like this I wonder why I have not killed you yet.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-18-44-22-71“It’s time to get the party started ladies!”

Oh no.  Why do I have a feeling I am going to regret this in the morning.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-15-50-17-69“Great, I don’t know why I let him talk me into this.  I always let my soft spot for him rule my common sense.  All this is about is him wooing the ladies, and he’s going to try to force me to accept Candi’s apology.  Well it’s not happening. No way, no how.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-14-12-13-81“Nemo!  Nemo is that you in there?”

“That’s right Candi, I’m back writing too.  I just updated my apocalypse, Far Away From Eden, another Apocalegacy after a six year hiatus.”

“OH my gosh, another rebel!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-14-09-29-17“Yeah, well I was the king of subplots in my day…”

“I’ll say.  Your subplots had subplots.  I can’t believe anyone has that much imagination.”

“But like you, I missed the Sims 2 and my legacy family.  So I thought what the heck.  I just posted a new chapter at”

“Well welcome back!  Come on in and join the party.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-14-25-04-70“Okay Candi, this isn’t some kind of Gage Orgy, is it?”

“Don’t be silly Rflong.  That won’t happen.  But er, stay away from his hot tub, just to be on the safe side.”

Rflong-writes A Simple Legacy.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-14-25-33-48Not everyone is afraid of Gage, however…

“Michelle, baby, how are you?”

“Oh Gage… teehee, I love your hugs.”

Yea, hugs, that how it all starts Michelle, I’m just warning you.

Michelle Young-Alphabetic Apocalypse

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-18-59-56-44“Hey darling, where have you been?”

“I’m on hiatus, Gage, but don’t you worry.  I’ll be checking back soon, and when I do and I see what Candi has done, downloading me back into a game with you, she’s toast.  Literally.”

“Rawrrr, I love it when you talk murder.  Want to set on Santa’s lap?  I might have a special present for you, little girl.  This Santa likes his ladies naughty.”

“Oh gross!  You haven’t changed one bit Gage!”

Cowforbrains-  countless stories.  Usually dealing with killing sims, lots of sims.  That’s one way to end a legacy.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-14-19-11-12And taking out our trash for us is Pony.  Thanks Pony.

“Well your house is a mess.”

Yeah, three bachelors, all romance, tell me about it.

Pony- New Pokemon Legacy


sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-00-53-82“Oh my goodness, I’m trapped between two fine looking men!”

I think Nichola may have had a little too much ‘Christmas Punch’.

Nicholaplaythesims-member of Boolprop.  I didn’t find a current legacy, if you have one Nichola, message me. 

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-18-42-20-71“Hey Blueberry, jump in!  You’re ten steps behind!”

“Yea, you guys are freaking me out.  Seriously, you call that dancing?”

Blueberry Pie-Currently doing the Apocalypse Challenge in video but has written several stories at Boolprop.  But poor guy can’t dance the smustle to save his life.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-18-47-31-53“Look Don, I got it!”

“Er yeah, Blueberry.  Those are some moves alright.”

“Yahoo, I want to be cowboy!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-19-00-59-37“I can’t smustle…”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-18-56-11-32“So I’ll bang a pan!”

Lil White Comet again… employee, simself, pan musician.  Writes A Sparrow Legacy when not banging pans.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-18-53-59-77The party was going great… everyone was having fun.  But then someone had to pull out the karoke machine.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-14-31-45-32“Alright, time to do my version of Lady GaGa!  Can’t read my, Can’t read my, No he can’t read my poker face…”

Keika immediately hogs the karoke machine.  It was not pretty folks.

Keika- White Legacy

On top of singing simselves, all the Uglacies had arrived, and let’s just say, I was not feeling the love.

“Traitor, hissss.”

“Oh can it Zip.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-29-28-82I decided there was only one thing to do.  I had to beg Don’s forgiveness.

“Listen Don, I don’t know how many times I can tell you this, but I am really, really sorry I didn’t play you guys for years.  I missed you.  The sims 2 beat the sims 3 hands down in my heart, and honestly, I think a lot of fans felt that way.  Please forgive me.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-24-11-41“And I don’t know how many times I have to tell you, I AM NOT ever forgiving you!  As far as I’m concerned, you’re dead to me!  Gone!  Kapeesh?!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-20-19-22“DAD that is a bit harsh, even for an Uglacy!  She created it, she brought you and mom together against legacy norms I might add.  She played you when zombies weren’t cool!  Pre-Walking Dead days!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-22-08-96“And then she left us!  In a sim bin for years!  Everyone just deserted us like yesterday’s news!  Are you forgetting that Gage.  I’m done talking about this.  I’m not forgiving her and that’s that!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-13-50-61“Hey, hey don’t cry…”

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…”

Keika:  “HEY everyone, Candi wants to hear It’s my Party and I’ll cry if I want To!  1…2…3”

“Just leave me alone, Gage, you just want to look down my dress anyway.”

“Er, well maybe a little, but you know I have a soft spot for simselves…sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-19-01-65And what happened then, well in Strangetown they say

that the Gagemeister’s small heart grew three sizes that day.

And then the true meaning of Christmas came through,

and the Gage found the strength of two Gages plus two.

                                                            (Dr. Zuess, The Grinch)

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-34-32-98And now that his heart didn’t feel quite so tight,

he logged onto his computer that night.

He whizzed through the forums and found boolprop true

and did what he knew that he had to do.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-37-36-20Gage spawned the sim modder

and with just a click

He pulled off the old relationship trick.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-41-04-80“Wow, I suddenly feel forgiving again.”

“Gee Zip, I don’t hate you anymore.”

“Yea, that’s weird. What were we fighting about?”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-48-17-37“Don, this is for you.  It’s a special gift from me.  Something in your want panel.”

“A baby!”

“NO Don.  Geesh, you family sims.  Samara would kill me.  It’s a bowling alley.”

“Er, how did you fit it in that box?’

“Don’t ask.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-50-58-18“Don, I’m so glad we’re friends again.”

“Yea, it was weird, I hated you one minute and the next we were besties again.’

“Relax Samara, it’s just a friendship hug. Geesh your wife scares me.”

“She scares me too.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-46-11-39“Here Samara.  This is for you.  I saw it on the internet and thought it would be perfect for you.”

“Birth control?”

“Er no… they don’t have that for the Sims 2 that I’m aware of.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-18-06-64“I love it.”

Of course you do Morticia.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-16-43-39-76“And this is for you Zip.”

“But I was so mean to you.”

“It’s okay. You were just watching out for your dad.  It’s a house, for you and Cleo so you can finally have your own place.”

“A house?  In  a box?”

“Okay, okay, let’s say it’s a deed to a house.  It’s actually an old newspaper, but I’m going to get you guys a house.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-19-03-15-71“Last but not least, this is for you Donna.”

“You don’t have anything I want.  My life was pretty much destroyed in your last apocalypse attempt.  My fiancee had become a brain eating zombie.”

“Yea, about that.  This box contains a bone phone.  It all you need to bring your true love back.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-19-31-34-76“Hello Grimmy!  No, no, I’m paying full price!  I need Fricorith Tricou back!”


sims2ep9-2016-12-23-19-36-28-83“Yeah, I kind of need him to not be a teenager…”

“I’m on it Donna.  Woah, nothing I can do about the bad choice of clothing tho.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-19-42-31-03“Thank you, thank you.  I’ve been so depressed!”

“I know Donna, now run along and live happily ever after at that House of Leaves.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-19-29-22-34“I heard there was one of those Uglacies parties here.  I will put an end to this right now!  Those zombies don’t actually eat brains do they?”

Possibly, the chili is still questionable.  I’m just saying.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-13-34-48-29“Ladies and Gentlemen, Goopy Elvis is in the House.”

Oh no, too late, that cop wasn’t fast enough.

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-13-34-12-35***Sang to I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, which Elvis did sing…***  Insert sexy, southern drawl…

I’m dreaming of a Sims Christmas, like we all played in the Sims 2…

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-23-25-51-72With all the decorations…

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-22-16-14-28And Recreation…

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-12-46-39-33Too bad the kids still had to go to school.

“Yeah, what’s up with that.  I have to go to school on Christmas?  What a rip off!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-18-15-45-93“How do you think I feel little girl?!  I have to work on Christmas day and drive a bunch of ungrateful brats to school.  Now get your *%@#&@  in the bus already!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-13-35-21-92I’m dreaming of a Sims Christmas.  Just like the ones in the Sims 2…

sims2ep9-2016-12-03-12-11-38-87With the tree tops burning

sims2ep9-2016-12-17-22-37-23-81While Sims keep learning,  …not to pet the electrical deer.


“It’s fine sweetie.  Daddy’s fine, zrrr, errrp, eeee, nothing to see here.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-13-36-02-29I’m dreaming of a Sims Christmas, complete with the Seasons pack…

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-20-01-01-60With the evil snowman, his friend the penguin, whose conversations never lack…

“I’m telling you Barney, there’s something not right about that Uglacy chili.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-13-36-29-15I’m dreaming of a Sims 2 Christmas

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-19-37-59-65Where Santa shows up for cookies

“Santa is that really you?!”

“Uh oh.  This is the Uglacy house isn’t it?  *sigh*”

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-19-39-12-75“Sure, you don’t have to be my BFF.  BUT a lot of things could happen while you’re out delivering presents.  I hear there are all kinds of falling satellites out there.”

Where he pees and pees, and pees and pees…

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-19-45-18-27And does his creepy laughing inbetween.


sims2ep9-2016-12-18-19-51-19-92“Santa, you’ve been in here for two hours.  I need to potty.”

“Get lost little girl.  It’s a long trip for an old man like me.  Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-18-32-12-27“I’m dreaming of a Sims 2 Christmas, complete with all the simselves raising hell!

With their heart farting, and fire starting, and screwing up their stories oh so well!”

“Sing it brother!”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-18-33-22-92“Upload yourselves, ladies.  You know you want to.”

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-18-25-06-75I’m dreaming of a Sims 2 Christmas with every legacy I write.

May your days be Merry and Bright…

And may all your Christmases be white.

sims2ep9-2016-12-18-00-28-14-07Merry Christmas from the Uglacies!

sims2ep9-2016-12-23-13-44-06-73“Elvis has left the house.  Thank you, thank you very much.”




11 thoughts on “Chapter 7, Uglacy Christmas Special

  1. Ah, this brings me back. It’s so wonderful to see you writing again. I always loved you and Toasts stories the most; even as a teenager I loved your sense of humor and as an adult it’s gotten 10x better.

    Hope you’re doing well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah the Santa Claus visit brings back memories. Wasn’t it your legacy where Corporate Santa showed up?

    And was it Sims 2 or 3 you were having trouble with invisible fires? Because some of the decensor mods make fire and some other effects invisible. If it’s a big issue you might try removing any decensor mods.

    Looking forward to more!


  3. Your TS2 legacies have always been some of my favorites, and when I discovered you were writing for the Sims 2 again, I was super excited. I grew up with The Sims 2, from middle school to university, so seeing the Uglacies back in action is definitely a nostalgia trip. Looking forward to what’s in store!


    • Thanks so much. It brings back a lot of nostalgia just to play them and I even have been able to reconnect with some players from the past. I always felt Sims 2 was the golden age of simming 🙂


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