The Uglacy Is Back!!! Sims 2 Style!

When I originally wrote the Uglacy, I had no idea how popular it would become.  I played zombies when zombies weren’t cool.  Don the Zombie was pre-walking dead.  And then EA killed the site.  I tried to play the Sims3 folks.  I really did.  But I never felt it.  And the story writing section was dismal at best.   I miss those days when there was an open exchange and an active simming community, and the game felt like a family.  If you like the Sims 3, well that’s good.  But I felt like it killed this game in a lot of ways. I haven’t even bought the Sims 4 and have no desire to at this point. So the other day I started playing the Sims 2 again… I was up to 1 AM… and that excitement was back! And I thought… it’s time to bring this game back.  The best part, I saved my old game on an external hard drive… I have Don, Samara, and Gage… the original custom sims.  So I’m dusting them off, and I’m writing again!

Some of you have asked me to upload them, so here they are for your gaming pleasure:


Gage Uglacy

Romance Sim 10/1/2/10/3

Turn ons:  Blonde Hair, custom content hair

Turn offs:  Hats

Sims2EP9 2016-02-06 23-43-17-69

Don The Zombie

Family Sim (Sagittarius) 7/4/3/7/4

Turn ons:  Stink, black hair

Turn offs:  Red Hair

Samara mad

Samara Uglacy

Popularity Sim, (Aries) 10/6/4/3/1

Turn ons:  Blonde hair, Good Cook

Turn off: Hats


My Sim Self:

Candi020765, Knowledge, Aquarius (Just pick it, points are about right)

Turn on: Vampires, Hard Worker, Turn off: Costume make-up.

Let me know if you have any problems.  I know that the zombie skins are from Mod the Sims if they do not show up in your game.  Or you can really zombify Don and Samara.




8 thoughts on “The Uglacy Is Back!!! Sims 2 Style!

  1. First off, welcome back Candi! I’ve always loved your stories and the humorous energy that accompanies them. I was wondering if you could upload Don without any expansion pack content? I have the Mac version of the Sims 2 and it won’t let me download it because of that. I’m looking forward to your new uglacy!
    Best Wishes
    – Hayden


    • Hi Hayden,

      Did you try the link on my home page? The only thing that is not Maxis made is his skin which is the zombie skin from Mod The Sims. It use to download okay. Did it not show up? Let me know and I will try to upload him without it.


  2. Hey Candi! I am a long time fan of your stories, all the way from back in like… 2007? I was never a Sims writer myself back then, but I followed all the old great legacies, and it’s really exciting to see that you are working on a new story! I feel you on the Sims 3 thing… I did have some fun playing that game during its run but it never inspired me to do much in the way of legacies or challenges. Sims 4 could have some good legacy gameplay potential but it needs more expansions because the game as it is now is sorta boring. Like you, I recently have started playing Sims 2 again and it’s true that that game just has something that the sequels since are lacking. I started a new legacy and an apocalypse challenge, and just maybe I might actually write a story to go with them this time around. Anyway it’s good to see you back in the game, I totally agree that the Sims 2 community needs a good comeback. I hope you stay inspired and I will be looking forward to future updates.


    • Thanks StarlingGray,
      It’s good to hear I am not the only one that feels the Sims 2 was special in a way the others just haven’t been. I am definitely keeping at this, just college messed up April for me, but I am getting back at it now that school is out. You should totally check out the Boolprop Forum which is still up and running and has a lot of activity and has a place to post both legacies and apocalypses for the Sims 2. You can join the revolution with me, lol. Viva la Sims!


  3. Oh gosh, I thought Don was virtually wiped out from the face of the sim universe forever! I used to read the Uglacy challenge back when I was in middle school, and here I am graduating from college and stumbling upon this.
    Quick question- do you still have the old video you had on your page? The one with Pink’s Get the Party Started that you made to celebrate the end of the Uglacy? At one point Gage starts singing Jailhouse rock, and it was just an awesome video that showed why I LOVED the Sims 2 so much. The Sims 3 has some great ideas, but the graphics and lack of personality in all of the characters completely ruined it for me. I’d rather have the Sims2, thanks.


    • Lol, I was thinking about that video the other day when Pink came on the radio. No, I only saved it to the sims site, and sadly they just deleted everything. I’m with you on the bland personalities of Sims 3. It just wasn’t the same. That’s why I went back this year, I just missed playing it.


  4. Why am I only finding out about this now? Good to have you back Candi, I’ve been reading your stories since 2006.

    You’re not the only one who didn’t “feel” TS3. That game had a lot of nice features, but there was always something off about the Sims themselves that prevented me from enjoying it. That and the lag and the glitches. And TS4 well…they only just now added toddlers. A lot of features, like apartments, seem half-assed. There’s so many stuff packs and the expansions have so little content that it feels like EA doesn’t even care about hiding the fact that they’re ripping us off anymore.

    So I’m very happy to see you back on TS2. It’s also nice to know what these Sims’ turn ons and offs were. I’ve had them since you put them up on the original site, but I didn’t have that info, only their signs, aspirations and personalities.


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